Elance, was one of the companies that would eventually become Upwork, was formed during the first technology boom in the late 1990s to service the enterprise market’s HR software needs. They built a strong technology platform, but ultimately realized the bigger opportunity was to build a global marketplace to connect millions of freelancers across the world with millions of employers who were badly in need of talent to meet their business objectives.

The company shifted its gears and began building this marketplace organically, and by late 2011 had reached an inflection point in the Company’s evolution. They had come to an exciting point in the company’s growth where they were looking for a partner that could help them achieve the full potential of the core business they had built.

For me I took to odesk not elance, because it was far too easy to start with odesk and then elance. Since 2011 has helped me a lot.  But in May 2016 odesk and elance were merged and it became Upwork. Since then we have witnessed many changes in upwork. With increase in fee for both clients and freelancers I don’t see anybody will be inspired to come to upwork rather than going to other platforms. Upwork has to go to its root i.e to elance and odesk if it has to remain at the top. Please share your thoughts in the comments..

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