The advanced independent commercial center has molded the eventual fate of present day organizations. Upwork is one of the more prevalent worldwide independent stages, having a large number of enlisted specialists. Regardless of the wide pool of ability, in any case, a few organizations are thinking that its hard to anchor the accomplishment of their activities.

We should discover where Upwork fairs inadequately as far as giving the correct specialist to customers. Their rivals in the market appear to give a more powerful employing procedure that urges organizations to search for an Upwork elective.

How It Works

The fundamental work process of these independent stages is for customers to make a procuring post and sit tight for the correct possibility to apply and be contracted. On Upwork, the smart stage gives you a short rundown of specialists that match the abilities and prerequisites you are searching for. In addition, your presenting is made open on different specialists who can submit proposition.


You have a wide determination of consultants that are furnished with abilities and experience.

Upwork specialists fluctuate in rate. You can pick in light of your financial plan.

You do the meetings yourself. On the off chance that you are the nitpicky sort, this will function admirably for you.


The choice is too wide and consultants with different aptitudes might be decided for the waitlist. Nonetheless, you require somebody who has some expertise in one ability just — the one you requirement for your business.

The independent market is worldwide. Rates may fluctuate in various nations. You are not a procuring master who can measure their competency in light of their reasonable worth.

Experiencing every one of those recommendations takes up A LOT of time. Consider the possibility that the undertaking is earnest.

As an entrepreneur, your claim to fame is to maintain your business. You can nitpick all you need on the applications yet you can in any case miss on a few points of interest.

On the off chance that you are a business and you’re searching for a quicker method for discovering top abilities, look at these 5 independent sites that will give you better choices.

1. FreeeUp

If you’re looking for the best place to hire competent and reliable talents who are driven to excel, is your go-to platform. The freelancers in this marketplace specialize in different e-commerce stores, particularly Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. They introduce you to experts in advertising and marketing which includes SEO, web content, product copy, and customer support. They also have a pool of talented graphic and video designers for your website, social media, and other business needs.

Why is it a good Upwork alternative?

FreeeUp assures you that you will be hiring from the top talent in the marketplace. This is possible with pre-vetting. FreeeUp does interviews with hundreds of freelancers every week and allows only the top 1% into the marketplace. The application process involves a careful review of skills and experience, and steadfast working attitude. By means of vetting, FreeeUp eliminates the chance of hiring unseasoned applicants that may perform poorly .

You only need to let them know exactly who you need. They will introduce you to the top qualified freelancer within a few hours and make the hire.


2. TopTal

If your business focuses on IT and finance and you need a freelancer with that kind of expertise, TopTal is the platform for you. Their network is exclusive to software designers, developers, and finance experts from all over the world. Global companies such as HP, Pfizer, and Airbnb, to name a few, are known to hire experts from TopTal.

Why is it a good Upwork alternative?

TopTal is a good alternative to other freelance websites because they have a niche. The network categorizes talent into more specific fields within each domain. These domains require an unbelievable amount of problem-solving skills, experience, and passion to constantly up their game as technology evolves.

They provide clients the opportunity to select from the top 3% of industry experts doing freelance and remote work through this platform. Applicants undergo a rigorous screening process to qualify. Out of the thousand applications they review each month, TopTal accepts only the top 3% (sometimes fewer).

TopTal clients are given the advantage of working with freelancers at no risk. After gauging their performance on the test projects, clients can decide to drop or hire them.


3. Paro

Looking to build a group of finance experts to help you in your business? Go to Paro has all kinds of freelancers specializing in finance. They have the following talent in their network:

  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Bookkeepers

Paro works with the philosophy that every business model is unique and has specific needs. Their network provides companies the flexibility to hire financial experts for short-term projects or hire ongoing financial support.

Why is it a good Upwork alternative?

Like TopTal, Paro provides services in a specific niche — the finance industry. The advantage of hiring freelancers from this kind of platform is that you are assured that they are experts in their chosen fields. Even for Paro, which does the pre-vetting, you are certain that they know what to look for in the applicants because it is their area of expertise.

Paro’s multi-step pre-vetting process proves to be effective and efficient for business owners who want to build long-term strategic plans with trusted financial experts. Through in-depth skills assessment and thorough screening, Paro accepts only the top 2% of thousands of applicants. As a result, they have experts with top-notch educational backgrounds, seasoned in respected companies like Google, Intel, and the US Air Force.

Your work as the client is to do the final vetting based on a mutual industry and technology fit (i.e. whether they have experience with the business software you use like Quickbooks, Netsuite, etc.). Paro facilitates the onboarding of new hires and makes sure that they provide ongoing and excellent service throughout the project.


4. Crew is an exclusive freelance platform of web designers, software developers, and small studios. They focus on creating customized apps and websites for any kind of business. The creative pool of Crew professionals has completed top-grade projects for big companies like Apple, Uber, and Google.

Why is it a good Upwork alternative?

Crew sets high expectations for its clients. The freelancers are pre-vetted and handpicked according to qualifications in their fields. Their aim is to provide clients with highly creative designers and developers who have proven track-records of launching products that work throughout and beyond the engagement.

The platform values reliability from both freelancers and business owners. Crew’s Project Protection guarantees that both parties get what they deserve. As fast as they are able to find the perfect worker for your project — in 24 hours — they are also able to resolve disputes in a speedy manner.

Tell Crew about your project, your goals, and even your budget. You will have an expert ready to start work for you in no time. The management will be with you every step of the way.

5. Codeable

Most websites and blogs run on WordPress, and plenty of clients need their websites up to get their business going. Ultimately, you need an expert to help you get started. Codeable is a digital freelance platform that caters to WordPress professionals – from designers to content creators, maintenance, and support.

Why is it a good Upwork alternative?

A WordPress professional has his/her own expertise. Codeable follows strict guidelines to find the right match for every project. Through a rigorous testing process, the platform accepts only the top 2% of applicants to ensure that the worker you hire is capable of solving your problem and delivering results. Their goal is to make the process of hiring great and reliable freelancers simple and stress-free for clients.

Codeable is also known for outstanding support that is open 24/7 with a short response time. Easily post your project details with automated selections and have an expert contact you in minutes.


Pre-Vetting Is the New Hiring Solution

Vetting is the way of the future for the digital freelance marketplace. It offers a lot of opportunities for clients to succeed in their business by hiring top-notch professionals. Choosing freelance platforms that pre-vet talent saves you from going through numerous interviews when hiring is not your expertise. You deserve to hire a freelancer with the right skill set, a proven track-record, and a great working attitude that makes you want to work with them long-term. Let these hiring professionals do what they do best — finding the perfect freelancers for your projects.


Hire Top Freelance Experts

If you are in e-commerce and need help with your online store or website, check out these Upwork alternatives to find professionals who can help market your brand, increase your conversions, or simply optimize your business processes.

If you want not top 3% but only the special top 1% of experts who are passionate and driven to excel, visit to take a look at what the experts on this e-commerce hiring marketplace can offer. Set up a call with one of the network’s founders to discuss further about choosing the right freelancers. Then make your first hire with only the best in the marketplace.

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